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Community Outreach and Educational Materials

Investigators in the BCERP studies are collaborating with breast cancer advocate(s)s and/or members of the engaged community to build and promote partnerships among researchers, community members, and other stakeholders; ensuring bi-directional communication between researchers and the engaged community regarding environmental exposures of high and relevant importance; assisting with participant retention in epidemiologic studies; and developing and implementing tools and materials to communicate study findings to the public and policy makers.

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Educational Materials

  • Advocates Mentoring Advocates Training Program
  • Breast Density
  • Key Message Toolkits

Factsheets on chemicals being studied by BCERP
  • Perfluoralkyl Acids (PFAAs)
  • Phenols
  • Phthalates
  • Phytoestrogen - Daidzein (Isoflavone)
  • Phytoestrogen - Enterolactone (Lignan)
  • Phytoestrogen - Genistein (Isoflavone)
  • Phthalates, the Everywhere Chemical (Bay Area)
  • Phthalates (MSSM)
  • Get the first six factsheets in one PDF file

Other Factsheets
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • The Mind-Body Connection - Onset of Puberty in Girls
  • Safe Plastics Guide
  • Guía Rápida para Plásticos
  • What is the Tanner Staging System?

Growing up Female - a coloring book for the young girls enrolled in the Cincinnati center cohort (request more info)

Glossary - scientific and medical terms

Video - Of Mice and Women: Modeling Breast Cancer and the Environment.
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Video - The Breast Biologues: A biology dialogue about breast cancer and the environment. An award-winning video and comic book explain how the normal breast develops and how exposures to potential cancer-causing chemicals during specific points during development might influence future breast cancer risk.
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  › video animation
  › comic book
  › el libro cómico de los Biodialogos del Seno
  › comic book in Vietnamese
To order printed copies of the comic book, fill out the electronic order form.

Reports and Brochures

Puberty, Breast Cancer, and the Environment - a report from BABCERC (October 2009)
  • PDF for online viewing
  • high resolution for printing
  • Pubertad, cáncer de seno y el medio ambiente - un reporte del BABCERC

Brochure - Bay Area Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Center

Folleto - Centro de Investigación Ambiental del Cáncer de Ceno del área de la Bahía

Brochure - Cincinnati Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Center

Report - Critical Issues in Biomonitoring, a Community Forum, San Francisco, October 9, 2004

Newsletters - mailed to study participants
Bay Area Study
  • 2010 Winter/Spring
  • 2009 Summer/Fall
  • 2009 Winter/Spring
  • 2008 Summer/Fall
  • 2008 Winter/Spring
  • 2007 Summer/Fall
  • 2007 Spring
  • 2006 Holiday
  • 2006 Summer
  • 2006 Spring

Cincinnati Study
  • 2009 Autumn
  • 2009 Winter/Spring

New York Study
  • 2011 Fall (Otoño, en español)
  • 2011 Spring (en español)
  • 2010 Fall (en español)
  • 2009 Winter
  • 2007 Spring
  • 2006 Winter


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